Какие зубные коронки лучше

Which dental crown is best
- ceramic or metal-free?

We'll talk about the most common questions patients face when choosing a crown type.

Metal-ceramic dental crown

A metal-ceramic dental crown is a denture that is made by a dental technician in a dental laboratory according to the previous molds of a dentist. In simple words, it is a metal cap made of cobalt-chrome, nickel-titanium or gold-palladium alloys, with a ceramic mass of different shades applied in layers and baked in a special oven.

The dental crown of metal ceramics, as we believe, is yesterday.

  • First, the production time of such a crown is 7-14 days;
  • Secondly, over time there is a "mourning border" black border on the gums, especially does not look good on the front teeth;
  • Third, frequent breakage of ceramics from the metal cap.

The cost of production in the range from 1000 to 20000 UAH. The price depends on the manufacturer of the ceramic mass, the alloy for the manufacture of the cap and, of course, the professionalism of the dental technician.

Non-metallic dental crown

Metal-free dental crown This type of dental ceramic crowns is interesting in that there is no metal here and the crown itself, by its aesthetic parameters, replicates an exact copy of its natural tooth. The steps of making such a crown are similar to the previous ones, only the ceramics are pressed in layers by technique and also baked in the oven.

Of the disadvantages of ceramic dental crowns, apparently, only that they are used mainly on the front teeth, since they can not withstand the heavy load required on chewing teeth.

However, with the advent of CAD / CAM systems, it has become much easier to reduce the words Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture to make non-metallic dental crowns. And this is the best method of making dental crowns to date.

The whole process of making a dental crown that can be done. Further below the tooth under the tooth crown, the doctor distorts the mouth of a special chamber and transmits the image on a computer design to model a new ceramic tooth. The next stage is milling and cementing of the finished structure on the tooth.

We can offer non-metallic aluminum oxide dental crowns, feldspars are ceramic crowns that are made in one go at a special milling machine.

Feldspar can be used to produce indirect restorations to the lateral teeth for those patients who have pathological abrasion. The advantage is that the hardness of the material is practically the same as in the enamel of the native tooth, and it is very important that the antagonists' teeth are not erased.


  • accuracy,
  • color rendering,
  • aesthetics,
  • speed of manufacture,
  • service life (from 5 years).

The cost ranges from 7000 to 20000 UAH, depending on the manufacturer of the material.

Dental crowns made of zirconium oxide

Such crowns can be made entirely anatomically or with caps for applying presseramics. This type of dental crown meets the aesthetic requirements of the patient, is completely non-toxic and inert to the surrounding tissues of the tooth. Withstands loads exceeding 10 times the load on the strength of ceramic crowns.

Zirconium oxide can be used to make crowns on both front and side teeth. You can make dental crowns, half crowns, veneers, luminaries, pins, bridges and other dentures. The life of such dental crowns is more than 10 years. Cost in the range from 5000 to 25000 UAH.

When making indirect restorations from feldspar, zirconium dioxide or aluminum oxide, we get precise work and when cementing it on the tooth, the patient does not get clogged with food between the teeth because the contact point of indirect restoration is the most accurate than in direct restoration. This is also important.

Let's summarize

The CAD / CAM system allows us to make dental crowns quickly and efficiently. Thanks to this system, we have abandoned the production of ceramic metal dental crowns, thus giving our patients an aesthetically healthy smile.

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