9 - Dr. Mykola Valchuk
  • Dentist, Leading Doctor, Surgeon

Dr. Mykola Valchuk

Surgeon, Dentist

Full member of the Association of Doctors of Periodontologists of Ukraine. He graduated from VNMU them. Pirogov with honors. Experience 5 years. In addition to iStomatolog, he works in an emergency hospital.

By the nature of the work, he is faced with a wide range of injuries in the maxillofacial region, with a huge number of inflammatory diseases of a odontogenic nature. During this time, he achieved great success in face reconstructive surgery.

In 2017, he completed an internship in the city of Prague (Czech Republic) "aspects of surgical dentistry".

In 2019, he upgraded his qualifications in the city of Izmir (Turkey) on the courses "dental prosthetics with the Implance implant system".

Main specialization: surgery, implantology, operations to remove complex wisdom teeth.

He attends master classes by leading specialists in the field of dentistry from around the world, actively participates in international dental symposia and conferences.

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