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Baby tooth extraction

If necessary, it is conducted under local anesthesia in the form of an injection or an application.

So, when extracting temporary  teeth with resorptive (so that it dissolves) roots an application can be enough (gums are treated with a special gel, which provides an analgesic effect).

Specialists of the dental center iStomatolog will carry out the unpleasant procedure of tooth extraction. Quickly and painlessly, what is even more important.

Bring the children to us!

We won’t scare them! 🙂

Advantages of baby tooth extraction at iStomatolog

  • No pain
  • Any complexity
  • Children are treated by an experienced dentist
Location Names of temporary teeth eruption Average age when teeth erupt
Upper jaw 1 Lower central incisors 6 – 7 months
2 Upper central incisors 8 – 9 months
3 Upper lateral incisors 9 – 11 months
4 Lower lateral incisors 11 – 13 months
5 Upper first molar 12 – 15 months
Lower jaw 6 Lower first molar 12 – 15 months
7 Upper canine 16 – 18 months
8 Lower canine 18 – 20 months
9 Lower second molar 24 – 30 months
10 Upper second molar 24 – 30 months

Changing from baby to adult teeth

The cost of baby tooth extraction is 10 EUR (this price doesn’t include undergoing an analgesic procedure and performing an X-ray examination).



Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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