1140x341 - Non-metal crowns or crowns without metal frame

Non-metal crowns or crowns without metal frame

Many years ago, a major breakthrough in dentistry was the possibility of applying ceramic mass to the surface of a metal cap. Ceramic masses are being improved every year. The variety of colors, the degree of transparency of the masses, their strength is increasing.

Various alloys, including noble ones, are used for the metal frame. Still, the use of metal ceramics does not allow to obtain the perfect aesthetics precisely due to the presence of a light-proof metal frame.

Today metal-ceramics have been replaced by metal-free structures: ceramic crowns on a frame made of zirconia and all-zirconium.

First of all - it is unmatched aesthetics and very high durability.

For comparison, strength:

  • the metal-ceramic crown: 70-80 MPa
  • pressed ceramics E.max Press: 380-400 MPa
  • zirconium dioxide: 800-900 MPa.

High aesthetics are achieved due to the effects of opalescence and fluorescence (characteristic of own tooth tissues). When installing crowns and bridges made of these materials, there is no blue-gray gingival margin (which was an integral part in the application of metal ceramics), and the likelihood of gingivitis (gum inflammation) is nullified.

Press ceramics and zirconium structures are fixed to the teeth by special composite materials (unlike cement-based metal ceramics) thus providing a monolithic tooth crown design.

An indisputable plus is the possibility of using any type of metal-free ceramics in prosthetics on implants, allowing you to achieve the perfect result.

The iStomatolog Family Dentistry Center offers patients a system of metal-free E.max Press ceramics, as well as the manufacture of bridging structures on zirconia.

Our doctors will provide you with excellent aesthetic results, gum health and durability of structures.

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