Manufacturing of dentures for one day

iStomatolog LAB - offers its services for the manufacture of dentures in the shortest time and at the lowest prices.

All works are performed on digital equipment - CEREC INLAB and 3D-printer.

To make an order, you need to send us a collapsible model with columns and wax modeling (but do not cover the poles with varnish) or send us a digital layout (stl file).

Why iStomatolog LAB

  • The bigger the order - the more discount
  • We work without days off
  • High quality at a lower price
  • We work with all possible materials
  • We provide 1 year warranty
  • Payment can be made in cash or in a non-cash way
  • We accept orders from 1 unit
  • Reducing the cost of your services
  • Real production time



Creating a natural occlusive surface with the help of residual tooth tissue (material - silicate ceramics)


Individual zirconium dioxide abutments that are combined with basic implant systems


Creation of a natural shape with the help of the occlusal and / or lateral surface of any adjacent tooth (materials - silicate ceramics and translucent zirconia)


Ultra-thin veneers up to 300 microns. Copying and transfer of tooth morphology from one quadrant to another. Polychrome ceramic blocks for the effect of natural layering application


a wide range of shapes of beam structures Special modeling tools provide individual adaptation to the level of gums (materials: zirconium dioxide, metal)


Skeleton of bridges ceramic/ metal. For single crowns and partially/completely reduced skeletons of bridges (zirconia, aluminum dioxide, ceramics and lithium dislocate)

You need a model, we'll do the rest

Scanning the model

Using the camera, the model is scanned. The received data are transferred to the computer


Computer modeling of the future restoration and/or denture


After modeling, the data is transferred to a milling machine, or a 3D printer
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