имплант 1140x341 - i-system - the shortest dental implant in the world

i-system - the shortest dental implant in the world

The iStomatolog team has the ability to reproduce chewing efficacy for our patients without using either sinus surgery or lower jaw plastic.

That is, when you consult a doctor, you often hear that "there is little bone", "you need to do sinus lift", wait 7-8 months for healing, and much more. Right now, we have the ability to "leapfrog" it all thanks to the short implants of the Swiss implant.

Yes, one may want the most aesthetic work, but aesthetics are much more expensive and the preparatory stages take a lot of time and money. That is why we offer short dental implants that will give you functional work that will not "hit" the wallet.


i-system - the shortest dental implant


The i-system is the shortest dental implant in the world that can be used in complex clinical cases with very little bone tissue. It carries a large chewing load, with a patented surface that enhances osteointegration (implantation of the implant into the bone), its special shape and structure.

The stage of surgery remains.

That is:

  • the first stage - planning, which includes examination of the oral cavity, anamnesis, computed tomography and implantation planning
  • the second stage is the implantation itself
  • the third stage - the production of orthopedic structures (crowns or bridges).

Finally, it is possible to reproduce the aesthetics of the teeth, to get 100% chewing function, to normalize the processes in the gastrointestinal tract in a short period of time, and to forget about removable dentures.

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