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Our history

iStomatolog is a relatively young clinic, but despite its small age, we are developing rapidly and we have something to be proud of.

On the first of November 2019, we turned five years old. We started our journey with just one dental office in Darnitsa, in which two doctors and two assistants worked. But a year later, we moved to a more spacious room of 160 m2 on Vinogradar, where we were able to equip three dental offices with a permanent staff of five doctors, five assistants and two administrators.

By the way, the number of iStomatolog employees is growing every year and at the end of 2019 our staff consists of ten doctors, twelve assistants, four administrators, three technical staff, an advertising department and a full-time photographer.

We started from one clinic on the right bank, but at the beginning of 2019, for the convenience of patients, we opened another clinic on the left bank of Kiev.

We can provide you with almost any dental services. We treat children and adults. Nothing is impossible for us; we can create a healthy and beautiful smile for any patient. We love what we do, because we are not just doctors, we are the creators of your smiles!

2014 year

The iStomatolog clinic was founded in 2014, with only two employees: Makarenko Maxim and Dainetskaya Elena

2015 year

The first dental clinic iStomatolog opens on the right bank (Vinogradar railway station)

Three reception rooms, a separate sterilization room, an X-ray room, a dental laboratory.
2015 year

The clinic is equipped with such equipment:

Sirona radiovisiograph, Kavo Healozone apparatus, Picasso diode laser, NSK physiological dispenser, PRF System Duo centrifuge.
2016 year

The clinic is equipped with new equipment SmartOptic microscope appears in our arsenal

Now for our doctors there are no difficulties in the treatment and treatment of endodontic canals, art restorations and the manufacture of orthopedic structures under magnification.
2017 year

The staff is growing to improve the qualifications of doctors and honey

We are creating a training center for our staff based on our dentistry. In the lecture hall we conduct thematic seminars for dentists from all over Ukraine. We are the first to teach doctors how to install dental implants on patients.
2018 year

Official partners of Implantswiss

Yes, this is a special event, our clinic has become an official partner of the Swiss company Implantswiss dental implant manufacturer. All of our implantologists are trained in Switzerland.
2018 year

We turn to digital dentistry

Our clinic is one of the first in Ukraine to start using a digital system in CAD \ CAM dentistry. We can change your smile in minutes (hours). Now there is no need for weeks to wait for the manufacture of dental crowns and bridges. Our Cerec milling machine will make them in 30 minutes. And it will be precision work, because everything is done in digital.
2019 year

We are expanding

Now iStomatolog is on the left bank of Kiev. Our second branch also has 3 reception rooms. Among the equipment we have a Kavo Healozone apparatus, a diode laser, a Sirona radioviziograph, a PRF System Duo centrifuge, an NSK physiosphere dispenser, a J Optic microscope, CAD \ CAM, and one more milling machine that can make a crown in 7 minutes zircon oxide and glass ceramics.
2020 year

We provide all dental services

In January 2020, we will have a modern CT apparatus that will allow us to close the entire process of high-precision diagnosis and treatment at our center. A CT scan will improve endodontic treatment of your teeth, plan accurate dental implants or any other operation, and also improve the quality of orthodontic services.

Of course, we do not think to stop there, there are still many ideas that we plan to implement. Our commitment is to improve and enhance the quality of your life by creating and maintaining your healthy smiles.

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