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Prevention of diseases of periodontium and solid dental tissues

After the full sanitation of oral cavity, and giving that the examinations are conducted on the regular basis (every six months), the doctor will prescribe the procedure package, designed to support the obtained result.

The procedures are assigned individually for each patient, taking into account the original condition, the type of treatment, work and lifestyle specificities.

It may be ozone therapy (prophylaxis and treatment with ozone), laser therapy (prophylaxis and treatment with a laser), vector therapy, plasmotherapy, mouthguards with different gels.

The benefits of treatment at iStomatolog

  • PRF (plasmotherapy)
  • Prophylaxis and treatment with ozone HealOzon
  • Prophylaxis and treatment with laser Lazram
  • Vector therapy
  • Effective, painless, the result are visible even after the first session

What is the cost of the procedures?

During a free consultation, a specialist from the iStomatolog Center will examine your teeth and oral cavity, and conduct the dental radiography analysis. After that, our specialist will choose the most effective method of prophylaxis and treatment of periodontal diseases with regard to your individual clinical case, and calculate the total cost of treatment.



Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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