Что влияет на стоимость лечения зубов

Talk about "sore" or affecting the cost of dental treatment

It is difficult to find a person who would not go to the dentist with "acute" pain. A person who is unfamiliar with this unbearable pain that interferes with sleep at night, forcing him to take a handful of pills. At the same time, coming to the doctor's appointment, the patient is surprised when the doctor announces the cost of treatment...

You probably paid attention to such a word as "prevention".

Prevention indicates that you need to come to the doctor twice a year for examination.

But, some patients believe that it is a waste of time or the doctor will see something to make money for me, with nothing bothering me, I brush my teeth and so on, etc.

Unfortunately, our mentality is not yet aware of such words as "prophylaxis", while in Europe people have long understood that it is much easier and cheaper to come to a prophylactic appointment than to treat teeth "by ambulance".

The tooth is the same organ as the heart, the liver, it also plays an important role in the vital functions of our body, performing the function of digestion, because the oral cavity is the initial department of the gastrointestinal tract.

Dental diseases can have different causes.

As for internal causes, such as organ and system disease:

  • endocrine system
  • cardiovascular system
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

So are the external factors:

  • improper hygiene or lack thereof
  • malocclusion pathology bad habits

Each tooth occupies its position in the tooth row, accordingly, it carries a certain percentage of the load during chewing. By prematurely removing a tooth, your adjacent teeth assume the load of the missing tooth.

Caries is an infectious and pathological process in the hard tissues of the teeth, which over time only progresses and causes complications in the form of pulpitis (inflammation passes to the nerve) or periodontitis (inflammatory process passes to the dental ligament).

Here I often hear: let's wait, he does not hurt me. And I, as a doctor, have another question: what will we expect when a tooth does not give you the opportunity to eat normally, when it gives complications in the form of swelling on the floor of the person or when you need to be hospitalized immediately?!

And all of these processes occur when you least expect, for example, tomorrow I have a wedding, and my tooth aches all over my face; or today I got a plane ticket and my tooth did not allow me to sleep all night.

Upon arrival, your doctor examines your oral cavity to make the right diagnosis, because it will depend on what treatment you want to prescribe.

Sometimes, to make a diagnosis it is not enough to examine the oral cavity and even not enough to make an aiming x-ray, and you will need to carry out additional studies that allow you to study in detail the localization, the size of the disease, and only then can you choose a treatment that will give a positive result.

Therefore, we are smoothly coming to an answer that affects the cost of treatment

Studying the picture of the disease, the doctor makes a definitive diagnosis and offers different ways to solve the problem. If this is a caries diagnosis, then you may be presented with a different arsenal of materials. "What is the difference" I often hear on the reception, the difference is usually:

  • first, each composite has fillers that are responsible for mechanical strength, bonding systems that are responsible for adhesion, that is, the attachment of the composite to the tooth. They are presented in different generations, which in the future may affect the strength of adhesion of the material to the tooth. Some adhesives add components that can further inhibit the sensitivity of the teeth, as well as the occurrence of secondary caries, that is, caries under the seal.
  • dentistry presents different systems of materials, all of them are different from the aesthetic point of view, you will agree, this is also an important criterion. In particular, this applies to the restoration of the front group of teeth, each person wants to have beautiful teeth that would look like "native" (in shape, color, transparency, shine).
  • for a good result of treatment, so that saliva does not get into the work area, the doctor takes care of good isolation, using a device cofferdam.
  • also, we must pay attention to the preparation of the office for the treatment and compliance with all the rules of aseptic and antiseptic, sterilization, because it affects not only the quality of treatment, but also the condition of the body as a whole.
  • when we release a patient to take care of reliable disposal of biomaterials, which will not harm the environment, to date, a number of companies that recycle used materials, this is also a cost item.

If we consider a complicated type of caries, such as pulpitis, then the further fate of the tooth and the life of the patient as a whole depend on the quality of root canal treatment. No matter how good the seal or restoration may be, if the root canals are observed inflammatory process in the future, it will inevitably make itself known, only what the risks are unknown.

It is important to know that endodontics (root canal treatment) allows us to work on high-precision microscopes that allow us to see areas of the tooth hidden from the human eye, including additional root canals; to unplug the root canals, which, 10 years ago, did not lend themselves to the filling due to which the tooth simply removed.

By using a modern material base, we will be able to increase the chances of the tooth being cured and to ensure its full functioning in the oral cavity.

When patients begin to fluctuate, it is worthwhile to treat the tooth or remove it immediately (because it will be much cheaper), the unequivocal response is to treat and try to keep the tooth “alive” because:

  1. own "living" tooth is always good
  2. after removal of the tooth, it is necessary to replace the missing tooth, and if you do not install the implant in time, the risk of destruction of the adjacent teeth is increased, the likelihood of deformation of the jaws, which will subsequently lead to curvature of the face.

To avoid spending time and money on treatment, come for preventive checkups

From a young age, children need to establish a healthy lifestyle model. Bring your children to regular check-ups, occupational hygiene once every six months, and remineralizing therapy. Believe me, it is cheaper to spend money on dental plaque now than it is to spend money on treatment, especially if it is difficult for your child to persist with treatment. This is good when the treatment is just a filler, and if you need to treat a complicated process of caries?!

Do not subject your children to the ordeal that is necessarily accompanied by pain, and do not expect the process to dissolve by itself: when you wait for the time you are endangering the life of your baby.

In our center we offer high quality materials for dental treatment that have been certified, we use the latest methods of disinfection and sterilization, which meet all sanitary and epidemiological standards.

By visiting our center you get:

  • free consultation
  • examination
  • treatment plan in different variations.
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