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9 ways to clean your teeth

Many patients are afraid of trips to doctors in principle. But, there are some specializations of doctors whose visit causes quiet horror in patients. These include dentists How to do so in order to minimize the need for visits to the dentist and the teeth while remaining healthy?

Everything is extremely simple, and in this article we will describe ways that will help to avoid frequent visits to the dentist and will be able to maintain the health of your smile.

Method 1

It’s time to stop being afraid of the dentist. A timely visit to a specialist will provide professional monitoring of the state of your oral cavity. It’s not at all a fact that everything is bad in your mouth.

Perhaps a minor doctor intervention is required, and very small costs. Until you visit a specialist, you will not know about it. But delaying planned preventive procedures ensures that there comes a time when you urgently need the help of a specialist.

Method 2

Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Everyone knows that you need to brush your teeth. But, for some reason, many neglect this. Or consider that 2 times in the morning "scratched" teeth with a toothbrush and approx. And this is not at all true. Caries "comes at night" and this is true. It is not enough to brush your teeth only in the morning, before going out on people. 70% of the success of a healthy smile is toothbrushing at home.

It is very important to brush your teeth before bedtime, then not arranging raids on the refrigerator. After all, when a person is sleeping, his mouth is closed all night. There is no access to oxygen, and microbes are actively beginning to multiply. In the afternoon we talk, drink, eat our mouth constantly opens and closes.

Method 3

We are what we eat. Why do people need teeth? For chewing food that provides energy. For its outward appeal. After all, a beautiful smile disposes to a person.

To get the required number of calories per day, you can eat 2 cheeseburgers, 2 french fries and 2 pies with cherry jam. This will block your daily energy requirement. And you can eat 200 grams of porridge with raisins, 100 grams of boiled meat, 300 grams of salad and 200 grams of baked potatoes, 1 apple and 1 banana and this will also block the daily need for calories.

But what kind of food is good for teeth ?! Of course, the second option. Why? Everything is simple. Teeth are necessary for biting, tearing and chewing food. Fast food is “soft” food, it is easy to chew, teeth are not 100% loaded, there is a lot of soft food plaque, which in turn does not bring health benefits to teeth. But porridge, meat, vegetables and fruits will load your teeth to the fullest. In addition, raw vegetables and fruits will help to clean the teeth, and not stimulate the formation of soft plaque.

Method 4

Not only food, but also the fluids that people drink affect both the health of the body as a whole and the quality of the teeth. It is necessary to drink from 1.5 to 2.5 liters of pure water per day, depending on age and your occupation. Tea, coffee, juice, compote all this is not water, but food.

Carbonated drinks should be banned sugar and carbon dioxide that are part of them destroy tooth enamel, resulting in sensitivity, enamel cracks, multiple caries and, as a result, teeth are destroyed.

Unfortunately, our tap water does not meet sanitary standards. And even boiling does not help. Best of all, put water filters at home that can provide acceptable quality with the right amount of essential minerals in drinking water.

Method 5

Timely professional oral hygiene and installation (if necessary) of fillings. If you visit a dentist every 6 months and have professional removal of dental plaque, you can avoid many complications.

  1. Firstly, your teeth will be whiter, they will not have time to accumulate pigmented plaque.
  2. Secondly this procedure is the prevention of gum disease.
  3. Thirdly, the doctor will be able to assess the condition of your teeth and treat “small” caries in a timely manner, and not when the “floor of the tooth has broken off”, which in turn will help to avoid the treatment of canals (“nerves”). After all, healthy gums and live teeth will last you much longer.

Method 6

Orthodontist to help. Do you often see white, even teeth in the people around you? But to achieve such an effect is not a problem. It is necessary to contact the orthodontist in time. This is best done during the period of the replacement bite. This should be monitored by parents and the attending dentist.

If the pathology of the bite is observed in the parents, a similar situation can be expected in children. In a removable bite, plates are used to treat orthodontic pathologies, with which you can easily eliminate the wrong bite. That, in turn, makes it possible in the future to avoid setting bracket systems. And at an older age with the help of bracket systems, you can correct the location of the teeth in the dentition.

Treatment by an orthodontist dentist will take from 6 months or more, depending on the initial situation. Timely orthodontic treatment will help to avoid problems with gums and teeth in the future.

Method 7

We get rid of bad habits. Many bad habits mean the use of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs. But, in fact, this is not the whole list. For some reason, few people think that eating sweets in large quantities harms your teeth.

In lovers of candy in the mouth, an acidic environment constantly prevails, which in turn provokes the development of caries.

In large quantities, drinking coffee leaches calcium from bones,( а зубы преимущественно состоят из костной ткани)and the teeth mainly consist of bone tissue. Coffee and tea provoke the deposition of pigmented plaque on the teeth, making your teeth appear darker. Smoking not only leaves a brown coating on the teeth, but also contributes to the destruction of vitamin C, which entails problems with the gums.

The use of teeth for other purposes opening the bottles, biting the floss provokes multiple cracks in the enamel and due to chipping of healthy teeth. Using toothpicks instead of dental floss provokes gum injury.

Method 8

Replacement of defects in the dentition. Many of us still remember the dentistry of the 80-90s, despite the fact that modern treatment is significantly different. Now teeth are removed in extreme cases when the teeth are not subject to treatment. And if it happened that you had a tooth removed, in no case should the situation be left to chance.

A missing tooth leads to a number of negative consequences. Neighboring teeth begin to shift towards the missing tooth. The teeth on the opposite side extend toward the defect. In the future, in order to fill the void, it will be necessary to use neighboring healthy teeth. Timely implantation will be safer for your teeth. If you delay this procedure, you risk that the implant will have nowhere to put, since the jaw bone in the area of ​​the tooth removed earlier will atrophy. And in this case, it will only be possible to depulpation obviously healthy teeth with subsequent prosthetics in the form of a bridge structure.

Method 9

If you want a beautiful smile quickly and now. In recent years, many innovations in the field of dental services. Many of them can provide a quick and comfortable update to your smile. These services include: Teeth whitening using a special gel with the initiation of a chemical reaction with a laser, cap containing hydrogen peroxide. Setting veneers and lumineers can make your smile whiter than attractive, as well as correct minor defects in the front teeth. Direct restoration of teeth can radically change the shape of the tooth and achieve maximum aesthetics.

If the tooth is substantially destroyed, you can always put a crown that will meet all your aesthetic requirements. With the help of modern technology, you can get an updated smile in just one hour.

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