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Family dentistry center iStomatolog

You will receive an extensive consultation of a dentist-therapist, surgeon, periodontist, dentist-orthopedist and orthodontist, and even the smallest and "most important" family members will be satisfied with our pediatric dentist.

We offer high-quality treatment from the best specialists, at reasonable prices. There are always discounts, special offers, promotions and a bank loan program. Our specialists successfully treat both adult patients and children.

Why people choose us

Modern technology, equipment and materials

We use medical equipment produced in Germany, Japan and the USA (MicroMega, Parkell, Kavo, Morita, etc.)

Qualified staff

Our Dental team consists of high-level specialists who always overlook each clinical case with the full precision and attention

Sterilized tools at all stages

Our center has introduced multi-stage tool sterilization using disinfectants "Bode" with further autoclave for total hygiene

Discounts, special offers

We offer high quality assistance at affordable prices. Discounts, special offers, promotions and various financing options (loan programs) are available for all of our patients
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